How To Find a Good Attorney

Here’s the $10,000 – $20,000 question, “How do I find a good DUI attorney?” Here are a few steps to ensuring you find the attorney who is capable to help you out as much as possible. You ultimate goal is to get through the case with minimal punishments and fines.

Initial Consultation

Why should a lawyer have to take your case if there is no hope for your sentence (For example: This is your 4th DUI) and why should you have to put up with a lawyer who continually disappoints you with their lack of effort put forth? The initial consultation is a free meeting between you and a prospective lawyer. You’ll go over the case, your history, your goals for this case, a general overview of how your particular case will be handled, and of course payment and billing information.

When going to the initial meeting with a DUI attorney, you need to bring everything regarding your traffic history. Previous tickets, citations, all the DUI paperwork and any related documentation from the County, City, DMV, etc. Bring anything and everything.

Keep in mind, a respectable lawyer will not pressure you to make a decision on the spot at the consultation. Unless it’s a week before the trial, a lawyer should not be pressuring you to make hasty decisions. It’s recommended you interview as many DUI attorneys as possible to get a better feel from who you can work with, as well as cost-assessment.

When making your final decision, pick an attorney you feel comfortable talking with and asking your questions. Keep in mind, Attorneys have to pass an ethics exam to be allowed to practice in their state so, you might want to refrain from asking him/her to fudge some of the facts to help reach the desired outcome…

Can I Represent Myself?

Of course you can represent yourself…you can also cut off your leg if you so wish. It is highly recommended to hire an attorney when dealing with a plea-bargain. Even though you may see this as a great opportunity to save money, in the long run, you potentially will lose a lot more. Take into consideration the excessive fines, possible jail time, license suspension, and the loss of your job.

Like I mentioned on the homepage, a DUI case can reach a cost of $20,000 and without an attorney, you might as well start writing that check.

Other Professionals To Contact

If you were involved in an accident while being drunk, 99% of the time, you will be pinned with 100% of the responsibility meaning…you’re screwed. However, what if you weren’t responsible? Accident reconstruction professionals could assess your case and determine you were just at the wrong place in the wrong time. You’ll still be pinned with a DUI or DWI, however, it could help to avoid other charges.

Sometimes, hiring an attorney is not necessary! You could have bad knees or a slight retardation which would cause problems during a field sobriety test. If you contacted your physician or another medical expert, they could show up in court to testify that you can’t physically perform those tasks.